Sheep For Sale
I am offering these rams and ewes for sale at reasonable prices.  Please do your research before buying sheep.  Investigate and compare the EBVs.  These are ewes and ewe sires with very high balanced EBVs.  You will find that these rams are an inexpensive way to strengthen the maternal traits within your flock.
Remember the ram is fifty percent of your flock.
Thank you,
Carl Ginapp
2014 Lambing Season started in January this year.  I have selected a few rams to place on my sale page.  I only select the top rams to be sold for breeding.   These ram pictures and sale page updated 10/2/2014. 


 CMG 14110


QR Son of NWT 12337

Aug 15th 2014 EBV's

BWT .4,  MWWT .8,  WWT 1.6,  PWWT 2.8,  Katahdin Index 108.7


 CMG 14103

$ 1000.00

RR Son of CMG 13174

Aug 15th 2014 EBV's

BWT .4,  MWWT .5,  WWT 2.5,  PWWT 4.9,  Katahdin Index 105.3


CMG 14118


RR Son of BUL13901

Aug 15th 2014 EBVs

BWT .1 ,  MWWT 1.2 ,  WWT 1.7 ,  PWWT 3.2 ,  Katahdin INDEX 113.6


 CMG 14091


RR Son of BUL13901

Aug 15th 2014 EBVs

BWT .2,  MWWT .9, WWT 1.9,  PWWT 3.5,  Katahdin INDEX 110.4






Need Ewe Lambs.  We have a nice selection of top production genetics for sale next year.  We are all sold out for 2014.  Lambing will start on Jan 31st 2015.  Please ask to be placed on a list of interest for these ewe lambs because I will sell out.

$300.00 each